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к упрёкам в обобщениях - Наместник Карлсона На Земле
June 7th, 2004
08:34 am
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к упрёкам в обобщениях

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Date:June 11th, 2004 11:28 am (UTC)
First, it can be misleading as I attempted to show with the Russian laziness. You have to have your criteria very well defined.
True. But then, the same is true of anything you say, of any thesis you present, not just your generalizing estimates.

However, the flip side of this coin is that the Americans have a much higher degree of personal responsibility and charity on personal level.
Would you say, then, that the Americans on the whole are more mature than the Europians?

The same way the fact that the Japanese are hardworking might mean the lack of ingenuity.
I agree. It might, indeed.

So, if you chose a Japanese worker over a Russian one, you may be hiring a hardworking dummy.
True, I might. However, having no way of comparing (and such was the case in my example) their intellectual capacities, I might well end up with a lazy dummy, were I to opt for his Russian counterpart.

And thirdly, generalizations on the personal level are dangerous. Do you remember a story of Jerome K. Jerome about a person who gave advice?
They are. I do.
Would never want to bring generalizations down to the personal level.
Once you have a way to estimate individual qualities and achievements, it would be unwise to base your view of the person on a mere generalization. I've written pretty much the same here, referring to the inductive approach.
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